Corporate Security

Corporate and office environment is an area in which the security officer is responsible not only to secure the premises, but to represent the face of your business. 

Construction Security

Our Fully licensed security guards deliver a fully integrated guarding and surveillance service for your Site.

Site security include manned guards based at your premises, monitoring of CCTV cameras and alarm systems and the implementation of our guard patrol monitoring system.

Event Security

Our staff are experienced in all types of security and will ensure that your event runs smoothly with no hiccups.


All of our  security guards are of highest quality and are able to work to each company’s individual requirements.

Property Security

Whether your property is occupied or vacant you will need to be sure your building is safe and secure.


Our trained security officers carry out daily, weekly or monthly property inspections to your request.


Signage can be installed to provide a visual warning to potential vandals or intruders, whilst our officers also drive company security vehicles to add to the visual deterrent.

Industrial Security

Criminals target industrial and warehouse sites on a regular basis. Industrial sites and warehouses are a tempting target for thieves and vandals.

Our SIA licensed guards that can patrol sites, monitor CCTV, respond to emergencies and risks.

Numerous warning boards will be applied to hot spots on your site to create a visual deterrent to discourage trespassing.

Hotel Security

Hotel premises and its surrounding areas such as car parks are an easy target for criminals. Criminals will be looking for any opportunity to steal guests personal belongings or cars while their owners are pre-occupied 


Our security guards ensure safety and security of your clients and customers and helping your guest to have a great night’s sleep.